Each child is considered a unique individual and always encouraged to grow at his or her own rate.We strive to accommodate their individual needs while promotig their self-esteem by implementing a well-balance developmental Christian curriculum. Our curriculum includes a Bibically integrated early childhood curriculum from A Beka Books and God Rocks Bible stories and teachings, believing that it is a life time commitment to obey God’s word and to become a lover of truth, as well as language, phonics, art music, math, science, computer technology and nutrition.

Our God’s Love and Peace Power Club is a strong Children’s Ministry based on love never fails. Our loving and caring relationship with Jesus Christ is our rooted foundation and supports our Biblical worldview of abiding in faith, hope and love and the greatest is love. The miracle of Christ’s indwelling power is that the love He revealed to us is exactly the love He will communicate to others through us. We believe when this quality of love is the basis of a relationship, the miracle of unity is possible (1 Corinthians 13:1-13).

A description of Christ and the love He enables in us when He comes to indwell upon us has inspired Rainbow Promise Preschool to be a channel of His peace and become an instrument of His love through the ministry of helps and healings. We have had many opportunities over the years to outreach and serve our neighboring community while experiencing and releasing worldwide acts of God’s loving kindness and compassion. We have been able to collaborate with the city, along with local and worldwide ministries to achieve this goal.

The children and through the spirit filled empowerment of, Our God’s Love and Peace Power Club gather and provide food, clothing, shoes, toys and financial means for helps and healings throughout the local community and worldwide. The staff, children and their families personally bring their offerings to “His” alter and leave it to be distributed to God’s precious ones who are less fortunate than ourselves. God’s gift of  Truth in Action is a commitment to winning the lost, making disciples and training leaders to extend His Kingdom for His glory only.

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